1. Drinking Water From Plastic Bottles

It Causes: a. Styrene & Phthalates Induced Cancers b. Liver Failure c. Reproductive Issues

2. Drinking Water While Standing

It Causes: a. Knee Joint Pain b. Tracheal Spasm and Chocking c. Cardialgia

3. Drinking Water Between & After Meal

It Causes: a. Gastritis b. Gastric & Duodenal Ulcers c. Constipation

4. Drinking Too Cold or Too Hot Water

It Causes: a. Gastric Erosions b. Gastritis c. Restrict Digestion 

Good Habits of Drinking Water

1. Drink Water 15 Minutes Before Meal

2. Drink Water After an Hour of Meal

3. Drink Water Sip by Sip While Sitting

4. Squish Water in Mouth and Then drink (Don't Drink Water But Eat Water)

5. Don't Drink Water While eating or Standing



Dr Musharraf Husain